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Extension, Renovation D4

This light bright Sandymount extension was completed in just 6 weeks. In addition to a large kitchen extension, we renovated an upstairs bathrooms, removed internal walls, added a porch, insulated and built a patio. Sandymount, Dublin 4
I liked that Lee brought me around to show me other houses that he did....He's a thorough professional ...


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I liked that Lee brought me around to show me other houses that he did....He's a thorough professional ...
When was the work done?
In September 2015.

What was involved?
It was a complete transformation. First of all, there was a 10x15 foot downstairs extension which doubled the size of my kitchen. I also upgraded the upstairs bathroom, had some internal walls removed, added a porch and internally insulated the house. Lee also laid the most amazing patio in a beautiful jade green stone. He gave me a new house.

How did you choose LMD Developments?
I looked at pickapro.ie and I think Lee was one of the first to respond. From the moment he walked in the door he inspired confidence. I had got a few quotes through architects but it was difficult enough to get a builder. Then an extension that Lee was scheduled to do didn't go ahead so he had a few weeks to spare and he said he could get my house done in that time.

Lee was just professional and reassuring. It helped me too that he lived down the road and if something went wrong, he'd be on call. I also liked that Lee brought me around to show me other houses that he did.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Lee McDougall?
I did have architects plans but I knew that there was some final decisions that I might revisit when we got to that point of the build.

Did Lee introduce new ideas?
Yes. Lee was very flexible and gave great suggestions himself. He suggested changing skirting boards and doors and insulating the rest of the house.

How did the project run?
Lee was 110%. I've lived in 9 houses and I've often had building work done so I know what to expect. I felt I was in safe hands with Lee. He's easy going, doesn't get annoyed, and gets on with everyone. He also drove me to see kitchens and tile showrooms - he went above and beyond the call of duty. And he would come down to the house if I had the slightest concern.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using LMD Developments?
The trust I put in him. That and the fact that he was always there. Lee turned up on time everyday. He never left me in a dilemma. He's very professional. Lee's also got a great set of contacts that I used for getting an alarm installed and some other jobs.

What's your favourite part now?
Lee's a fantastic tiler. He brought me to tile shops, got me the best price on the tiles and then laid the tiles.

Would you recommend LMD Developments to others?
More than recommend him! If I was on Dragon's Den, I'd invest in him. He's a thorough professional that would inspire confidence. Lee's a good team leader too and he's a very good team working with him.

Any tips for other people?
Get architectural drawings to work from. A good engineer can also make a big difference. We needed an engineer and I found one that was a real benefit to the project.

Sandymount, Dublin 4

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Sandymount, Dublin 4

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Single story extension in citywest 

A beautiful dormer style cottage complete with aluclad glazing and underfloor heating 

A light filled kitchen extension with double doors to the patio, a large skylight and contemporary kitchen styling. Scroll down to see photos of work in progress and original rear extension. 

Our clients wanted a modern open plan kitchen with an island. We opened up the existing kitchen and dining area to create a single large bright space and fitted a contemporary shaker kitchen.
This light bright Sandymount extension was completed in just 6 weeks. In addition to a large kitchen extension, we renovated an upstairs bathrooms, removed internal walls, added a porch, insulated and built a patio.
This full renovation and extension to a Clontarf cottage was complete in 11 weeks. The project included underfloor heating, triple glaze aluclad windows, new luxury kitchen and bathroom. Scroll down to see a photo diary of work during the project.
This is our latest project from North Strand, Dublin 3. The house was derelict for a number of years and had a lot of dry/wet rot so everything had to go .This meant stripping it back to more or less the the 4 walls. We also stripped the roof, installed new rafters and re-slated it as well as re-building the chimney . All the walls and floors where replaced including the 2nd floor and joists. Walls where stripped and treated for damp and then reinsulated .A new front pvc door and sash windows were installed. New bathroom, kitchen and flooring were installed. It was fully rewired and a new heating system was installed. Follow the step by step photo diary for this complete restoration below.
This fully self-contained apartment or granny flat was built to the rear of a family home. It has its own kitchen/living area, bedroom and walk-in wet room This build took 5 weeks to complete from start to finish.

A single story rear extension in Finglas Co. Dublin. Our client needed an extra bedroom in this two bedroom home so we converted the original kitchen into an extra bedroom. A new kitchen and utility room were created by extending to the rear of hour house. In addition, we fitted new tiles, doors and floors as well as a beautiful sandstone patio in the garden. This project took 7 weeks from start to finish. Scroll down to see photo of house before the extension and some work in progress photos. 

A large kitchen extension plus attic attic conversion has completely changed the living space of this Santry family home.
A beautiful extension with a pitched roof and plenty of natural lighting. This extension was completed in just 5 weeks in late Summer 2016.

Our client needed a small extension to the rear to extend the sitting room. This involved knocking out the ground floor wall and propping up the house by installing a large steel beam and posts. We re-used the original door and window and installed 2 velux roof windows .The project also included laying laminate flooring throughout the ground floor. The job was complete in 4 weeks even with some of the worst Winter storms we'd ever experienced.

Follow the work in progress of the project in our photo diary.

Our client wanted to convert an empty commercial unit into a high end yoga centre. This project involved a complete refit including installation of wooden floors and walls as well as painting. It's hard to believe it's the same place now!

This was our second job for the clients in the Shankill. We had previously built a porch.

This time they needed a new layout. The clients home is a 3 bed semi-d house with the bathroom downstairs. With 3 kids, the layout of the house was not suiting their needs so we designed a new layout to make the house work for them . We converted the upstairs in to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. We put in a new storage tank, insulated all the external walls and reskimmed the whole upstairs. This job took under 3 weeks to complete. Scroll down to see photos of work in progress.

A full bathroom renovation in Belgard, Tallaght. This involved replacing a rotten timber floor, insulating the exterior wall, tiling and fitting a new sink ,shower tray ,toilet and shower. LMD Developments also installed a new extractor fan,a heat fan and 4 downlights. Scroll down to see work in progress.
This detached two storey house was built by LWMD Developments on a roomy corner site. The house has both front and rear access for a car, and blends perfectly with the original houses on the street.
A new build single story house tucked in neatly at the end of the street. LWMD were responsible for building and landscaping work.

Unpublished Projects

An imprinted concrete driveway in East Wall, Dublin 3. The job consisted of removing old cobble paving and laying an imprinted concrete driveway in black ashlar slate. It was completed in 2 days.
A simple concrete path is giving a little interest by pattern imprinted the concrete.
A description of your project
A pattern imprinted patio using an Ashler slate print.
We extended the space and light in this city home by creating a full width rear extension with full width sliding doors. A long narrow roof light really increased the amount of light in this house.
Follow our step-by step photo diary of this two storey extension in Crumlin. A full width extension with underflooring heating and recessed lighting creates valuable extra living space downstairs. Upstairs we created a extra bedroom with ensuite on the first floor.
A full-width single storey rear kitchen extension completed in just 6 weeks in Summer 2016.
Single storey extension to this Sandyford home.
What a transformation! A very decrepit bathroom has been renovated and transformed to an amazing wetroom. And the kitchen also received a complete makeover with classic Shaker unit and tiled floor.

Our brief was to extend and renovate this Artane house to make it suitable for wheelchair use. It involved knocking an old kitchen extension in order to build a new downstairs bedroom and wheelchair bathroom. We also insulated and plastered the whole house, installed a new kitchen and widened all the doors to allow for wheelchair access. New windows ,a wheelchair ramp and a new sandstone patio at the back was also part of the project.

Follow the photo diary of work in progress.

Follow our photo diary of this large scale renovation and extension in Phibsborough. The house was a 2 bed cottage built in the 1910s and showing it's age. It needed extensive structural work including underpinning, treating dry rot treatment and damp proofing It also had an old extension that had to be pulled down as well as a few sheds in the rear garden

It's now a beautiful 3 bed cottage with master bedroom, walk in wardrobe and ensuite. It has a spacious back garden and also a courtyard in the center of the house to get maximum light.

All the door frames are oversized to suit the 10 foot ceilings

The project took just 12 weeks to complete.

A full renovation involving insulating and replastering, laying a new patio out the back, installing new doors and skirtings, fitting a new front door and laying a new concrete drive.

Our client wanted to convert his garage into a new kitchen and downstairs wc. As part of these project, the original kitchen was removed from the main house and converted into a family dining room with a full height window to get the best light into the house.

Converting the garden involved blocking the front and rear door, installing new windows and toilet, pouring new floors, insulating exterior walls and breaking through to the main house.

we also laid a oak solid floor in the hall and dining room, tiled the new kitchen and painted all the newly skimmed walls. It turned out very well and the client will be getting us back to continue the new solid flooring in to the living room.

Scroll down to see photos of work in progress.

Beautiful porch and new downstairs toilet. This project took just 4 weeks to complete.
The living space in this Beaumont house was considerably increased with this 20x15 foot extension with a 12 foot double slider door . The project involved knocking down an old kitchen, knocking out the back of the house and installing steel beams both inside and outside the house as well as moving the gas boiler and installing a new boiler and heating system . The roof is a fibre glass roof and a new kitchen was installed . The banisters, doors and floors were all replaced. Insulated plasterboards were also installed. The entire job took just under 7 weeks to complete.
Our project brief was a wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor for the homeowner's Dad. We built an extension with a large bathroom fully tiled. In addition, we fit new doors and frames to the existing house and retiled the whole ground floor. The extension roof is a new fibreglass roofing system which comes with a 15 year warranty. The entire project took just 5 weeks from start to finish. Follow our photo diary from start to finish, both inside and out.

See the complete project diary in photos for this apartment renovation. It was a complete renovation, as best explained by Lee's client:

"It was a complete renovation of an apartment that was built in 1982. With the exception of the windows and front door, everything was changed and there was nothing left of the original apartment. Old furniture, fixtures and appliances were removed and replaced with new. The original kitchen was small, so Lee took down part of a wall separating the kitchen from the lounge to accomodate a larger kitchen with a nicer open plan look. "

There was two parts to this project in Glasnevin. First, we retiled the kitchen floor with 600x600 procelain tiles. Next, we built a downstairs bathroom (sink and toilet), accessible from the hall. The room was built in the garage from timber frame. It was well insulated and essential for our clients as their home will be adapted as a playschool. Scroll down to see photos of the work in progress.

A roof replacement at Irishtown, Dublin 4. The project involved stripping the old roof and re sheeting it out. We also made the bathroom roof light wider as the old one was too dark and replaced the glass on the kitchen roof light. There was a void in between 2 houses that the client wanted closed so we made a valley between them to stop the rain getting through. The entire project took 8 days to complete.

Scroll down to see work in progress from start to finish.

This project involved an large addition of living space to Tyrellstown home. A large extension was added to the rear of the house and the existing garage was converted into a new sitting room. The project also involved a new bathroom, walk in wardrobes. Scroll down to see photos of the work in progress.
Bathroom retiling in Artane, Dublin 5 in a clean white tile. Recessed shelving adds interests, as does tiling all trims and mosaic borders in polished chrome
This front garden was ready for a makeover. First, we removed the old garden wall and cobblelock paving. Then we built a new wall, plastered and capped it, and installed a new gate. We also installed a new imprinted concrete front garden in black ashlar slate. The entire project took 4 days.
A full attic conversion in Ringsend which was completed in just two weeks. The conversion provides a new bedroom and bathroom with a double winder stairs. The storage tank was also moved as part of this project. Scroll down to see photos of work in progress.
This kitchen renovation in Trim, Co. Meath involved knocking through the kitchen and dining room as well as fitting double doors to patio. See the completed kitchen first, then scroll down to follow a photo diary of the work in progress.

The original porch for this Shankill home was cold and damp. We first removed the old porch, added an attractive new weatherproof porch with a new doorway, and side windows. Inside, we knocked out the wall between the hall and new porch, making the front entrance far more bright and spacious, and laid a new tiled floor in the hallway.

The front driveway also got some attention with a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway in a charcoal gray.

Scroll down to see photos of work in progress.

A complete bathroom and shower renovation. Scroll down to see photos of the work in progress.
This is a small but very complete kitchen for our client. It includes a triple burner gas stove, extra large fridge, dishwasher and storage.
LMD Developments has sourced a new finish for interior and exterior walls based on a cement render mix. It's very similar in appearance to natural stone cladding and comes in a wide range of colours. This finish is also far cheaper than natural stone cladding and very clean.
This sitting room in Finglas received a top to toe makeover. The walls were stripped. A new American walnut floor was installed. Plastering and coving were restored and walls were painted.
This project involved a complete renovation of a Finglas kitchen. The old kitchen was removed, walls were replastered, doors and windows replaced and of course we installed a beautiful new kitchen.

This renovation project in Shankill tackled several issues. The main item for our clients was that they needed an additional bathroom and were happy to sacrifice a spare bedroom to create it. We converted the bedroom into a luxury bathroom with recessed shower, luxury bath, toilet and sink. The bathroom was fully tiled and waterproofed.

Throughout the house, we also replaced old doors with new shaker style doors and frames. In the kitchen, we installed patio doors for easy access to the garden.

A new fibreglass roof in Irishtown, Dublin 4. This involved stripping off the old felt roof and moving the water storage tanks We also had to remove the old rotten deck and re sheet it out. In addition, we boxed in in the tanks and pipework to make the job look much neater.
This beautiful marble tiled floors was laid to perfection by LMD Developments in a Dublin dentist's surgery.
We offer excellent value in pattern imprinted concrete drives, patios and paths. Our concrete imprinted service is available as part of a larger renovation project or as a standalone job.
LMD Developments completely repaired this apartment which had been badly damaged by tenants. In many places, partitions walls had been broken through as well as fittings damaged or removed. Following our work, the apartment was restored to a pristine condition.
The project brief was a spacious wetroom suitable for a disabled user. The completed wetroom includes shower, toilet and a skylight for natural lighting. The room is fully tiled. In addition to photos of the completed work, we have included many photos of the work during the project.
Follow before, during and after in the progress of tiling this classic black tiled kitchen splashback.
Step by step photo diary of construction of new boundary wall in Coolock, Dublin 17
Chimney repair for Dublin apartments.
This Ringsend floor was in a bad state of repair. We removed old floor, replace rotten timbers, insulated under floor and installed a new surface, ready for carpeting.
Follow step by step photo diary of installation of underfloor heating.
The exterior of this traditional house was dramatically changed using an imprinted concrete render with a brick finish.
When our client bought this house in Walkinstown, the back garden was overgrown and dominated by hedge. We removed all the growth and built 2 nine inch thick walls