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The whole house is lovely and I'm very happy with it. I got what was advertised on the tin if you know what I mean.
When was the work done?
The work was done in 2008.

What was involved?
It was a new house build that took about four to five months. From start to finish, Lee built everything from the ground up.

How did you choose LMD Developments?
I've known of Lee and his father for years. The father had done bits and pieces of work for me over the years including an extension in Ringsend. The reason why I've always gone back to Lee and his father is friendship and the quality of work. I would always check with other builders because you want to get an idea of real costs through quotes but I always go back to the McDougall's.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Lee McDougall?
I did and it was reflected in an architects drawing and plans for the job.

Did Lee introduce new ideas?
It wasn't really necessary with regards to the general build because of the architects plans but they did make some improvements with the internal layout and aesthetics. For instance, they suggested and I agreed that we should actually remove a few windows. It sounds strange but there were actually too many. The changes internally had more to do with maximizing space in the rooms by taking in the walls or extending them.

How did the project run?
I would have to say very good. They worked hard and I didn't have to worry about any messing about. Lee and his brother were also very accommodating. If I changed my mind on something, there was no additional cost or fuss. I wasn't worried about the time frame for completion or schedule. I didn't want them to feel the pressure of having to rush the job. I was more concerned with getting the job done right and they did. I do a bit of construction work myself laying cabling and telecommunications systems and I know that if a job is rushed, that's when mistakes get made.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using LMD Developments?
Their honesty, integrity and their flexibility to change without it causing major problems with cost or hassle. They always gave an honest appraisal about everything and never did anything extra on their own without checking with me first. I've worked with builders before and I know they make their money on the extras. That didn't happen with Lee and Wayne. They were men of their word.

What's your favourite part now?
I don't consider any one part my favourite. The whole house is lovely and I'm very happy with it. I got what was advertised on the tin if you know what I mean. Even the architect overseeing the job said that the quality of the finished project was unusual in that nothing was missed. He told me that it's not uncommon for little things to be missed but he said this job was spot on. The architect also said the builders did extras they didn't need to do and at no cost.

Would you recommend LMD Developments to others?
Definitely, yes.

Any tips for other people?
Nail the details down at the beginning. For instance, things like costs need to be as exact as possible. No guestimates. None of this "well its going to cost 3-400 and then it comes in at 1,200". Also, if extras are a possibility, it needs to be clear to the builder that these need to be approved by the homeowner beforehand, not after the fact.

Charles Kiernan

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Lee and his family are open, honest and tell you the truth, I know I'm not being ripped off from them.
Ann O'Brien
Irishtown, Dublin 4
After meeting Lee, I could see he was eager, keen and knew what he was talking about.
Sheila Clearey
North Dublin
The biggest benefit to me was that if I ever asked Lee to do something, he did it. It was good customer service.
When I bought the new house and needed it renovated, I went straight to Lee because I knew he would do a good job.
Joe Couch
Chancery Street, Dublin
I liked that Lee brought me around to show me other houses that he did....He's a thorough professional ...
Sandymount, Dublin 4
Everything turned out grand and it was because Lee is so precise and does the little things. My goodness it's absolutely gorgeous!
Mary Colliton
Finglas, Dublin 11
The biggest benefit of using Lee was availability, price and the fact that I knew that Lee would do the job right.
Anthony Alwright
Finglas, Dublin
The biggest benefit of using Lee was that he was able to go from one job to the next and we didn't have to get someone else.
Rose Conway
I just gave Lee the keys and let him get on with it. There was no variations to price, the job was the job and he just did it.
The whole house is lovely and I'm very happy with it. I got what was advertised on the tin if you know what I mean.
Charles Kiernan